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  • Q&A at ThefdZone, Mumbai, December 6th, 2014:

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  1. Richard
    Richard / 12-4-2014 / ·

    How can I see this film? Incredibly interested.

  2. Sallygirl
    Sallygirl / 1-15-2015 / ·

    How can I see the entire film? I learned of it on NPR and it looks beautiful…

  3. Thomas
    Thomas / 10-10-2017 / ·

    I showed this to an Indian Friend who works in IT, currently working for a client in UK, living in UK for 1 year and will be returning soon to live again in Bangalore. He is from Mumbia originally. He feels the Western world doesn’t show India in a good light and only focuses on the worst parts like: Rape, Poverty, Arranged marriages (where they don’t work etc). His reaction to the film was, that it’s not true, how can India be the third biggest producer of salt and do it by hand, all of it or most must be done by technology and in large factories.

    How can you interact with people who don’t want to discuss or see certain parts of their own country?

    As a UK citizen, I have a good job and am financially secure, but I will always want to watch benefit shows and other documentaries about the struggles of British people appreciate how others live and the strengths they have to do what they do etc… I do not just watch the best bits of Britain etc.

  4. Amit Jindal
    Amit Jindal / 12-5-2017 / ·

    I watched this film on epic channel. I am spellbound by it. would you tell me, how you choose the crew for the film? especially Lutz Konermann. I read about him, he is a maestro.

  5. Bill Wilson
    Bill Wilson / 9-6-2020 / ·

    Where did the crew live during production? What were the difficulties in shooting a film in such an unusual location?

  6. Daisy Olivarez
    Daisy Olivarez / 8-22-2021 / ·

    Beautiful Documentary , I would love to see another documentary about this family, my kids we’re watching it with us and loved the scenes of the kids in the documentary, also it would be so interesting to see how is their life after they live their fields and go back to their villages. Also a website is go fund me to help the families would be nice, my kids said they wanted to help them and got sad they were not going to pay good for the salt after all the work they had done

  7. Jenny
    Jenny / 6-14-2022 / ·

    Hi, wonderful documentary! Did the family got compensated for being in the film? Also, how many lbs/kgs of salt were produced? Do you know what the range of payment for the salt is?
    Thank you for making such a cool film.

  8. Morten Gulliksen
    Morten Gulliksen / 8-7-2022 / ·

    I love this beautiful film. Have seen it several times now over the years since it became available to stream.

    It certainly puts my own life and work into perspective and how lucky I am to have the life me and my family is leading.
    How are the cast of the film doing these days? Is there a way to send them funds to help the families?

  9. Kerry
    Kerry / 8-18-2022 / ·

    Hi! I enjoyed watching my name is salt. However, I have a question: I would like to know where did they get their electricity from?

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