Farida PachaSALT_Farida_Pacha_360x300

writer / director / producer


After obtaining a MFA in filmmaking at Southern Illinois University, USA, Farida Pacha has made several experimental, educational and documentary films. Her documentary The Seedkeepers won the 2006 Indian National Film Award.

My Name is Salt is her first feature length documentary which won her among many others the First Appearance Award at IDFA 2013, Amsterdam as well as the main prizes at Hong Kong, Madrid and Edinburgh.



Lutz KonermannLutz Konermann at MMB doublecrop adj

cinematographer / producer


A multiple award winning director, screen writer, cinematographer and producer with more than thirty years of work experience, Lutz has been credited on more than a hundred fiction and documentary films, including international co-productions.

The cinematography of My Name is Salt won him the prestigious German Camera Award 2014 as well as the Cinematography Award at the Budapest International Documentary Festival 2014.



Katharina FiedlerKathi_adj



A graduate of the Filmakademie in Ludwigsburg, Germany, Katharina has been working as a freelance film editor since 2003. Her recent works include Ein Brief aus Deutschland and Metamorphosen by Sebastian Mez, which both had a highly successful festival career.

Her editing of My Name is Salt was nominated for Best Non-Fiction Editing at the German Camera Award 2014.



Marcel Vaidmarcel-vaid



Marcel is an award winning music director and composer for film and theatre. He has been composing and producing the score for over 50 fiction and documentary films, winning several awards.

Marcel is the head of the electro-acoustic experimental collective Superterz and owner of the LIFT recording studio in Zurich, Switzerland.


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  1. Dhruv
    Dhruv / 8-7-2015 / ·

    Nice videography ,nice editing,nice sound and A perfect documentary
    We indeed like it very very ! Much

  2. Pranay Garodia
    Pranay Garodia / 8-23-2015 / ·

    I would like to acquire a dvd for this film. Please advice.

  3. Krunal
    Krunal / 7-14-2017 / ·

    Hello Farida and Team,

    I have watched your documentary, I would like to congratulate to you all for highlighting life of people working so hard to extract salt.


  4. Shailesh Chaware
    Shailesh Chaware / 8-8-2017 / ·

    Great Work Team “mynameissalt”…
    They r Real Heroes… Engineers…

  5. Christopher Chase
    Christopher Chase / 7-20-2019 / ·

    Fascinating story.
    What is the purpose of the grass? Is it to serve as a way for the salt crystals to start forming?
    All the salt is contained in the water that is pumped out? What is the festival that the family goes to near the end?
    Is the old man the father of the main character?


  6. Bryan David Hall
    Bryan David Hall / 7-26-2019 / ·

    Absolutely beautiful telling of this story. This is why I love documentary film so much. Excellent work.

    Bryan David Hall

  7. Anand Singh
    Anand Singh / 8-8-2021 / ·

    Touching and exceptionally great documentary. A 10/10. Shows the real value of the salt we eat and how much blood and sweat equity is involved. Thank you for such an eye opening documentary. I value and enjoy my salt more knowing how much has gone into it to get to the table.

  8. Melissa
    Melissa / 9-7-2021 / ·

    This is a powerful, moving, lyrical and beautiful documentary film. I will never again take for granted the salt that I use in my meals! I had no idea how much hard labor goes into this!
    Despite the harsh conditions and obviously back-breaking work, the true humanity and sense of grace and acceptance are also reveled through these these remarkable people Thank you so much! Melissa

    PS: If you haven’t seen Bab’A Azizz I think you’d really like this one!

  9. Carolyn Seymour
    Carolyn Seymour / 10-31-2021 / ·

    I have just finished watching My Name is Salt on Prime. What an absolutely fascinating documentary! I would love to know more about this. They bury all of the equipment several feet in the mud after each harvest? Why do their feet and hands not crack open from all the salt? I LOVED this. The simplicity of the film is so mesmerizing and beautiful! I feel as though I know this beautiful family now. I’m so glad that it has been made available to us. Congratulations to all involved for showing us another slice of life from across the world!
    Thank you!

  10. Ramit
    Ramit / 3-13-2022 / ·

    This documentary was so telling and beautiful. Thank you.

  11. Srinivas Swaminathan
    Srinivas Swaminathan / 3-22-2022 / ·

    So glad that you chose to let the film speak for itself and not have the obligatory narration. Kept me completely riveted. A couple of more screenshots in the epilogue giving more information would be nice. For example, what percentage of the final product price goes to a typical salt mining worker.

  12. Aaron mena
    Aaron mena / 5-9-2022 / ·

    Stunning and it should give Americans pause on how lucky we are to have salt at our finger tips. I have to ask does anyone know what brand the pumps are and their age? There is not a single modern machine that could be buried under a sea for a year and run. I was flabbergasted at the ingenuity and resolve to make these pumps run! That is what parked my curiosity the most who made those machines?!? I hope the harvest is rich for a millennia for these hardy people.

  13. John
    John / 8-18-2022 / ·

    This was a very compelling film. I’ve never seen an observational documentary before. I look forward to seeing and hearing more works by everyone on the crew. Well done!

  14. Mark Silva
    Mark Silva / 11-6-2022 / ·

    The engines are “LISTER” CS type diesel units, either vintage British or Indian reproductions. From what I could see in the film, the family removes the fuel injector assembly from the engine before they bury it and takes the assembly with them, to be re-installed upon their return, in 4 months time.
    These engines have a special combustion chamber design that allows them to be started cold without any glow plug or “hot bulb” starting device.
    Riveting documentary- I’ve seen it twice in two days
    The size and purity of those crystals is truly impressive

  15. Laura
    Laura / 3-26-2024 / ·

    Your film is a dreamlike meditation and truly honors this family and all salt workers. It is amazing how deeply I feel connected to these people, a world away from mine, yet all is understood somehow. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched this. I’ve lost count. It has such a calming effect on me and for a little while I can fall in love with a very different way of life that in it’s toil brings a unique sense of peace and wonder. This is a masterpiece.

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