SALT cinematographer wins German Camera Award

German_Camera_AwardCinematographer Lutz Konermann wins the prestigious German Camera Award (Deutscher Kamerapreis) 2014 for his “outstanding camerawork” in My Name is Salt!

The jury found: “The expressive, excellently crafted images narrate eight months of the life of an Indian family in such an engrossing way that you never feel the lack of any form of commentary. The audience just keeps discovering details within perfectly framed shots. The setting of the film, a desert without trees nor hills doesn’t offer the slightest diversion – just burnt, cracked brown earth as far as the eye can reach. Yet, from the same apparent nothingness from which the farmers manage to extract enormous amounts of salt, the camera distills a plethora of powerful shots which keep the spectator thrilled for the entire 90 minutes of the film.”

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