A month of Salt


While “My Name is Salt” is still showing in several Austrian theatres and about to open in the UK, here are some upcoming festival screenings:

Feb 26th – March 1st  EcoCup, Moscow

March 3rd – 5th  Asian Women’s Film Festival, New Delhi

March 4th – 10th  ExtravagantIndia, Paris

March 5th – 14th  Sofia International Film Fest

March 13th – 22nd  Films de Femmes, Creteil

March 17th – 29th  Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC

March 19th – 22nd  Food For Real Film Festival, Liverpool

March 19th – 29th  Ecofalante, Sao Paolo

March 20th – 26th  Wales One World Film Festival, Aberystwyth